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    Attention North Lauderdale: Do you want to dispose of a junk car or used car in North Lauderdale, FL but don’t know how? Would you like to be paid cash to have an old vehicle towed away from your North Lauderdale home or business? We have good news for you…JunkClunker.Com will pay cash for your North Lauderdale, FL junk car, in any condition, on the spot, guaranteed!

    Even if your car has been in an accident and doesn’t run, or if you don’t have a title for the car, or even the keys…JunkClunker.Com will buy your junk car and remove the vehicle from your North Lauderdale property, leaving you with cash in your pocket and without any more worry.

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    What we do:

    Call (954) 399-4288 or visit JunkClunker.Com on the Internet and tell us a little about your junk or used car in North Lauderdale. We’ll come see your junk car or truck and make you an offer. Once you accept, we’ll pay you cash for your junk car, regardless of whether the vehicle even runs! Then we’ll have a professional tow-truck service remove the junk car from your North Lauderdale property. We’ll even handle all of the details of the title transfer.

    Once we buy your junk or used car, we’ll recycle the materials in it, so you can feel good not only about the cash in your pocket but also the knowledge that your old clunker is being put to use again as recycled materials.

    JunkClunker.Com is Broward County’s largest, most trusted buyer of junk and used cars. We don’t require a vehicle title, we arrive within 45 minutes and tow your junk car away, leaving you with cash in your pocket!